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Are Collaborative Workspaces the Future?

Long gone are the days of hostile cubicles and rows of rigid desks – coworking is all the rage, and we’re pretty sure it’ll be sticking around a while. If you’re someone who’s used to the daily grind in traditional offices, or maybe you work from home, it might be time to try out a fresh way of office life. Millennials and experienced professionals alike benefit from shared workspaces where they can let their creativity flow. We’ve tried to recreate that vibe at Foundry 17, letting the social atmosphere and flexible workspace encourage the people working here. Have a look at our top three benefits of coworking spaces, and you might just suss out whether it could work for your business.



Traditional office spaces can segregate staff and make socialising at work pretty stale. With a collaborative workspace, you get the chance to meet new people 24/7, and at Foundry 17, our flexible office space is designed with social hubs where you can gather to take a break, battle it out in table football or discuss the latest projects.



Creative industries rely on sharing concepts with as many people as possible, and if you’re working solo at home it can be difficult to come up with fresh ideas. If you want to drive your project forward, talking to people from different sectors in a coworking space benefits everyone – and it’s a sure-fire way of generating awesome ideas. Obviously, any shared workspace also needs a few quiet spots to focus – for us, that’s the soundproofed meeting hub which is ideal for taking a meeting, phone call, or even a break!



There’s expert proof that flexible workspaces create flexible workers … or at least we’re sure there must be. Foundry 17 hosts a relaxed team of staff who are happy to share their coworking space and are open to collaborations.
When you work in a collaborative workspace, there’s always tonnes to keep you occupied and inspired. And we’re not gonna lie, it makes work pretty fun too. If you like what you hear and you’re interested in joining the Foundry 17 team, drop us a message and book a viewing.